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स्पेशल क्लास रेलवे अपरेंटिस
An examination for selection of candidates for appointment as Special Class Apprentices in Mechanical Department of Indian Railways will be held by the Union Public Service Commission.

Saturday, 27 August 2011


1.How to prepare for scra?
 Scra Preperation is not any different from any other competative exams like IIT or AIEEE
 only difference is ,english and general knowledge are also there which is of quite easy level.
 go through last years papers and solve any good books .

2. Why scra?
more reputation & job security
3.Is SCRA a very tough exam?
SCRA and IIT-JEE are two different exams. The standard  depends on your level of preparation. But yes SCRA is not easy to Qualify, needs a Lot of preparation. The syllabus for SCRA Contains physics, chemistry and maths (12-cbse Equivalent), general knowledge,general science and english.
SCRA a exam nothing is tough all you need is to do hard work with regular studies,however this exam really have a good level as compare to others

4.SCRA Entrance Pattern?

The SCRA entrance pattern in entrance examination comprises written test in
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English Language, General Knowledge, and
Psychological Test (Mental Ability). The selected candidates are called for an interview,
which is followed by a medical examination. The standard of syllabus is that of Class XII
(CBSE equivalent)

5.What After successful completion of four years of training?
After successful completion of four years of training, the candidates join as Indian
Railway Services of Mechanical Engineers (IRSME) Officers in Indian Railways to face a
challanging and satisfying career
Degree Awarded: SCRAs get a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering
after successful completion of four years of training. This degree is recognised by the All
Council for Technical Education.
The selected candidates undergo a four-year rigorous training programme in Mechanical Engineering, for which the Institute has a Memorandum of Understanding with BIT, Mesra, Ranchi. The semester system of BIT, Mesra is followed, with workshop training sessions during the holidays at BIT, Mesra.
The apprentices get a stipend in the scale of Rs. 4000-4400 with Dearness Allowance,making the final emoluments upto Rs. 7400, apart from medical benefits, privelege passes and PTOs.

6.Biggest drawback ?
 The biggest drawback of SCRA Exams is the limited number of seats. But it prepares students for something which no other exam can compete with.

7.What is the cut off of SCRA exam?

Approx cut off   - 72%
50 to 60 percent of the total marks

8.Difference between SCRA and IES?
There is no difference between SCRA and IES in terms of promotions and salaries, both are one and same- But in SCRA you get free engineering and stipend and a life of freedom while you are graduating itself- The difference is same as NDA and CDS - In government sector as you know promotions are time based - the more service you have to serve the more chances are that you go to the stop - so either it is SCRA or IES - it depends on the age you entering service? for SCRA service counts after four years you join i.e after completion of engineering
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Is SCRA training are tough enough like NDA or not

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