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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Unit dimension-Questions

1.            Which of the following is not equal to watt
[SCRA 1991; CPMT 1990]
(a)   Joule/second                   (b)   Ampere * volt
(c)    (Ampere)2 *ohm              (d)   Ampere/volt
 Ans-       (d)   Watt=Joule/second = Ampere×volt = Ampere2×Ohm

2.          The unit of self inductance of a coil is
[MP PMT 1983, 92; SCRA 1986; CBSE PMT 1993;
CPMT 1984, 85, 87]
(a)   Farad                                 (b)   Henry
(c)    Weber                               (d)   Tesla 
Ans-(a)  henry 
3. In which of the following systems of unit, weber is the unit of magnetic flux  
                                [SCRA 1991; CBSE PMT 1993; DPMT 2005]
(a)   CGS                                   (b)   MKS
(c)   SI                                        (d)   None of these
 ANS- (c)


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